“The Transnationalizing Faith project is a multi-dimensional outreach project, which takes key aspects of James Hodkinson’s research into Islam in German history and culture (1770-1918) and finds multiple pathways along which to communicate this material meaningfully to varying non-academic publics.

The programme of events and activities includes public lectures, accompanied by a mobile exhibition, which take place in faith forums, religious and civic centres. The Two Chairs Exchange wing of the project reaches out into schools, were it impacts and enriches the delivery of the Key Stage 4 and 5 curriculum across a number of subjects, and also underpins a sequence of community events and projects designed to promote sociability, intergration, dialogue and more nuanced mutual understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim communities in towns and cities across the UK. The project is enhanced by a range of digital media, including a documentary film shot in Vienna, Austria.”


Discussed in Joanna Neilly’s blog post.

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