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Expanding German Studies is primarily aimed at university lecturers in German Studies and associated disciplines who are compiling, editing or auditing curricula, or supervising student research in particular areas, and are looking to expand the selection of texts they teach or recommend to students.

However, we are delighted if teachers of German beyond HE find the bibliography useful. If you have used the bibliography and find it helpful, please do consider contacting us to let us know! Please bear in mind that many of these texts may be unsuitable for students at pre-university level, and that English translations are not always available.

The bibliography is divided into six main periods. On the subpage for each period, you’ll find thematic clusters of texts (primary and secondary) which deal with or have been written by historically marginalised people within German Studies, and curriculum and syllabus resources, including seminar plans and set reading on particular topics and other classroom resources.

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