Welcome! Expanding German Studies is primarily aimed at lecturers teaching German Studies, but you may find it a useful resource for selecting texts for independent research and study, looking for interesting secondary literature, or going beyond your reading list.

However, please remember that not all the content here will be relevant for you. Descriptions and resources may be phrased to make sense to teachers rather than to students. Some texts might contain offensive or upsetting material, such as racist slurs or depictions of racist and/or sexual violence. You should approach any texts you find here with caution and make sure you understand them in context. You can also speak to your German lecturers and tutors for help or advice.

The bibliography is divided into six main periods. On the subpage for each period, you’ll find thematic clusters of texts (primary and secondary) which deal with or have been written by historically marginalised people within German Studies.

You may also be interested in reading our blog! Again, this is aimed at and written by lecturers, but it provides many starting point for thinking beyond conventional German Studies curricula.

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